What did we even do before the podcasts? The on-demand radio-style shows are ready for almost any niche interest you could think about, giving hours of fun for our morning commutes, evening falls, and long road trips. Podcasts are a means that’s here to stay—and they’re definitely winning more attention.

In fact, iHeartMedia just published their first-ever podcast awards showcasing the best acts in every genre, including six contenders for Best Health & Fitness Podcast.

With more opportunities in the health and fitness level than ever before, finding a new podcast that’s meriting your term can be daunting. But whether you’re a podcast newbie or have consumed your favourites and require fresh ideas, we’ve received you covered. Here are the best fitness podcasts that’ll have informed, entertained, and encouraged to follow your goals.

1. Science Vs ITUNES

If you’ve ever questioned whether vital oils can actually heal your headaches or if the 7-minute exercise is really useful, then Gimlet Media’s spunky Science Vs is for you. In every kind of episode, host Wendy Zukerman begins a hot issue and cuts it down, giving science-based data so you can make an educated idea.

2. Ali on the Run

This podcast on iTunes goes perfectly whether you’re an avid athlete or just starting out with thoughts of running a marathon, you’ll find Ali on the Run both helpful and inspiring. Host Ali Feller lies down with daily runners, experienced marathoners, and entrepreneurs in the working world to see what has driven them and glean some relevant life education.

3. Optimal Health Daily

The amazing quantity of health and wellness content out there these days can be difficult to filter through. If you’d like your fitness news a little more curated, then check out Optimal Health Daily, which scours the web for the best blog content, then explains it (with author approval). They speak the latest health courses and your most urgent questions on issues like intermittent fasting, flu vaccinations, flossing, and many more topics people are interested in.

4. The Rich Roll Podcast

For some pressing health and fitness motivation, who better to know about than an ultra-marathoner like Rich Roll? Highlighting intimate, intense discussions (not interviews, he requests) with health experts, nutritionists, and even professionals and artists, the podcast attempts to enable audiences to “unleash your best, most genuine self.”

5. Hurdle

In each episode of Hurdle, host Emily Abbate converses with someone who has mastered an impediment or tough times by including wellness into their days. Guests have added the co-founder of Headspace, the author of TRX, magazine editors, and athletes, who give valuable secrets into how they’ve mastered hurdles in original ways, from meditation to cycling in the Swiss Alps.

6. Modern Love

While not a common health and fitness podcast, the New York Times column “Modern Love” is an outstanding choice for those interested in mental health and the complexities of interpersonal relationships. For its podcast format, the heart-wrenching individual articles are read by somebody and delve into authentic human stories, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes humorous or uplifting—about events like regretting a loved one or online dating.

7. 10% Happier with Dan Harris

What happens when you have a panic attack live on Good Morning America? For ABC newsman Dan Harris, he turned—skeptically—to meditation. In the podcast, he interviews executives, musicians, and even a former Guardian Angel to learn about what drew them to meditation, what their own practices look like, and whether it’s helped them become a little happier.

8. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

With an eye via the high rates of sadness and dependence within the artistic community, comedian Paul Gilmartin interviews comedians, actors, writers, friends (and doctors too) about their struggles to normalize and de-stigmatize mental illness. For those who fight with a psychic illness, The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a secure seat for people to openly talk fears and injuries they don’t feel happy considering anywhere else.

9. TEDTalks Health

TEDTalks are so popular for producing big plans in short timeframes, and the TEDTalks Health podcast curates some of the best health-related talks from their organisations and events. One chapter falls into a fascinating explanation of how cancer cells interact; another highlights a plan that trains grandmothers in Zimbabwe to treat sadness. Each enlightening experience is brimming with plans to encourage.

10. The Nutrition Diva’s Fast and Ruthless Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Amazing

If you are looking for a short podcast rather invest in hour-long programs, then check out The Nutrition Diva. In bite-sized, 10 minute events, Monica Reinagel, an authorised nutritionist and culinary school grad with an MS in the human diet, discusses the psychology behind the latest health aims, like mushroom coffee, and offers easy advice on how to defend against current illnesses, boost your consumption of certain nutrients, and more.

11. Sleep With Me

Think night novels are just for children? Think again. Motivated by his own childhood insomnia, host Drew Ackerman (known as “Scooter” to his audiences), started the Sleep With Me podcast, in which he relates long, travel stories that are entertaining and exciting but actually just intended to lull you to sleep. Regarding the podcast has been running hard for six years now, it’s definitely encouraging people to catch their z’s.

12. Nutrition Matters

With an emphasis on building positive associations with food, host Paige Smathers, a certified dietitian and nutritionist, records specialists as well as folks who have mastered eating disturbances, weight fights, and more. You’ll get helpful, actionable information on all things nutrition, like how to keep a healthy connection with food by the holiday season and how to feel comfortable during your health mission.

13. The Wellness Mama Podcast

As most of the mothers know, trying to balance maternity with fitness and self-care (and, well, everything else) is exciting, to say the least. That’s why Katie Wells—host and author of hot mom blog Wellness Mama—started a podcast to give tips for healthy digestion, exercise, anxiety, sleep, and more, all while maintaining experience with kids as well.

14. Nutrition really Matters

With an emphasis on building really positive associations with food, owner Paige Smathers, a certified dietitian and nutritionist, records experts as well as folks who have mastered eating disorders, weight fights, and more. You’ll get practical, actionable guidance on all things diet, like how to keep a healthy connection with aliments through the holiday period and how to feel comfortable throughout your wellness journey.

15. Found My Fitness

For those involved in the scientific connections among diet and health, tune in to the Found My Fitness podcast. With a PhD in biomedical physics, host Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick tries to question the status quo while developing wellbeing by using cold solid science. She examines specialists on fascinating topics like how Alzheimer’s condition could be changed and whether the keto diet can improve lifespan.

16. The Dumbbells

This is a drama podcast for people who love fitness (or is it a fitness podcast for somebody who enjoys comedy?). Either way hosts Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger takes a refreshingly lighthearted entrance to wellness. They lead to be both inspiring and exciting at the same time, delivering valuable data without losing their play tone.

17. Found My Fitness

For those interested in the exact connections between diet and health, tune in to the Found My Fitness podcast. With a PhD in biomedical chemistry, host Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick tries to examine the status quo while improving wellbeing by using cold hard science. She questions experts on interesting questions like how Alzheimer’s condition could be reversed and whether the keto food can improve lifespan.

18. All About Fitness

Calling all fitness-obsessed! If you need to hear experts and researchers weigh in on everything from the importance of fascia to how the fitness scene is developing, then this is the podcast for you. By concentrating on both the business of fitness and the chemistry after it, Pete McCall provides a true behind-the-scenes look at the society of fitness.

19. Bulletproof Diet

Whether you need your coffee mixed with butter or not, Bulletproof Radio from tech manager and biohacker Dave Asprey is deserving a receive as he takes audiences along on a journey of improving the human body through the use of technology. Talking with a range of companies from CEOs to scientists, Asprey investigates interesting ideas like living hard and driving the boundaries of traditional medicine with technology.

20. Motivated

If you’re set to get severe about a small nudge, then Motivated may be a great place to start. Hosted by ABC news correspondent Maria Schiavocampo, the 30-minute podcast discusses health and wellness topics—like visiting mindful throughout the holidays and reinventing yourself at any age—in an available, interesting way. Schiavocampo pictures on her own journey of losing 90 pounds after fighting with her weight for many years.

21. The Fat-Burning Man Show

The Fat-Burning Man Show may look a bit gimmicky at the first listening, with its claims of teaching listeners to lose fat outdoors giving up tasty food or running the gym six days a week. But host Abel James only helps clean dining, without underfeeding yourself or calculating calories, and at the same time, emits light on the health industry and how false promotion and selling tactics continue to prolong the obesity disease.

22. The First 40 Miles

If hiking and backpacking are your selected means of staying alive, then The First 40 Miles is the podcast for you. Owners Heather and Josh Legler are ready to assume they aren’t experts—just enthusiasts— but that they’d like their audiences to join them on their mission of exploration. From gear tips to fighting stress on the way, they’re essentially the buds you’d love to go camping with.

23. Move Your DNA

Biochemist, writer, and podcast host Katy Bowman is a master of The Movement Movement (which essentially says our culture has grown too quiet and people should walk more) and the Nutritious Movement (which supports not only overall change but also a centre on driving our individual parts, from the head to the toes).

24. Marathon Training Academy

Have you ever imagined of working a marathon? The Marathon Training Academy podcast gives accounts of characters who have gone the way, as well as practical, real-world information to “open your potential to master marathon training and experience.” Host Angie Spencer is a teacher, marathoner, and certified nurse who demonstrates how to go from couch to marathon and shares actionable advice for measuring yourself.

25. Ashtanga Dispatch

Collecting all yogis! Host Peg Mulqueen, who has a master’s in psychology and two decades of yoga practice under her area, talks with a range of Ashtanga yoga instructors and learners about their works, ranging from long, philosophical discussions to the science after yoga poses.

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