Bad habits are like a plague. They match in when you least expect and in their wake lead to a lot of destruction. Body fat increase, being one of the worst things that can happen to your physiology is avoided like the plague.

Cardio and carb-cycles, although helpful may never hit the mark if you have bad consumption habits. It is with this in mind that this article creates awareness on the do’s and don’ts of the physical fitness world.

So, how do you lose weight even after having an unsuccessful run with cardio and carb-cycles? Eliminating the following dirty habits will do you a lot of good.

1. Reduce the Amount of Salt you Take Per Sitting

People believe that dieting is all about regulating the number of calories you take in a day. Spoiler alert; it is not. For the record, there are many variables that influence your health and weight.

Unknown to many people is that salt is one of these variables. Salt is a product that makes food tasteful. However, it is when you consume too much salt that your troubles begin. 

Overconsumption concentrates your cells and tissues with salt making your body hold more water molecules than it actually needs. You, in the end, look fat and even weigh more. 

In short, reducing the amount of salt you take helps in suppressing water weight in your body. According to experts, you should only consume an average of 5 grams of salt per day and drink lots of water to clean up your system.

2. Eating too many Healthy Foods that make you Fat

Candy bars and chocolates are unhealthy sources of carbs. Anyhow, there are excellent sources of vitamins and carbohydrates that commonly occupy dinner tables. Fruits, honey, and dried fruits are products assumed to be healthy.

What people do not realize is that these foods only work for your body when consumed in trace amounts. Over consumption, to say the least feeds your body with too much natural sugar that ends up increasing your fat levels if undigested. 

Thus, self-regulation is a must for anyone serious about shredding. You can, instead of eating the above-mentioned foods try out slow digestible meals like oats, nuts, rice, and fish.

3. Avoiding Fats Altogether

Who said that all fats are bad for your body? Let us face it. There are good and bad fats. The good fats, for your information, help in your body consumption. Doing away with them harms your body altogether.

It is in this accord that you are encouraged to stuff your body with eggs, nuts, dark chocolate, lean meat, cheese, and fish. Recall, fats are good for muscle development, weight regulation, and mood enhancement.

4. Stuffing your Mouth with too many Food Types

Where are the buffet junkies? Buffet parties are downright interesting. Regrettably, they might turn your life into a complete mess and I will tell you why. 

You, during a buffet, end up eating anything and everything. For your information, food varieties differ in the way they get digested by your body. Therefore, gastrointestinal issues are likely to develop with the production of gas in your body.

This gas, if not released, causes your waist size to increase exponentially. That settled, you are encouraged to eat no more than six food types in one sitting.

5. Eating too Fast

Eating too fast might empty your plate in a jiffy. Unfortunately, the effects of hastened feeding are not that pleasing. Recall, fast eaters stuff their bodies with more food than their systems can handle.

It is for this reason that more food ends up undigested leaving you as fat as a pig. Slow eating is, therefore, recommended.

6. Settling for Products that are Low on Fat

Low-fat foods are not that good as they contain loads of unhealthy sugars. Additionally, most of these foods hold no nutritional value to the consumer. 

It is for this reason that you are encouraged to buy high-quality foods; foods with a lot of nutritional value and that have a few healthy fats in their makeup.

7. Drinking Fluids Rich in Calories

Foods are notorious for packing the consumer with unwanted calories. Sadly, not many people realize that fluids, too, contain calories. Therefore, it is very important that you avoid excess calorie intake altogether.

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