Does going to the gym excite or frustrate you? Many people find the gym a haven on their very fast days. However, this perception quickly changes after some time when there are little to no results that are worth showing for your efforts.

So, what causes your woes? Poor workout techniques and routines might grind your progress to a halt. It is with this in mind that you should read on to ensure that you develop a deeper understanding of the exercises that work and those that do not work.

Exercise Routines that Waste your Time

1.    Conventional Crunches

Why do people complain about having spent countless hours in the gym doing crunches only to end up with average-looking abs? It is simple. Crunches do not work. They only target your upper abs leaving your mid and lower sections vulnerable. Thus, crunches are not worth your time or money.

2.    The Smith Machine Squats

Do not waste your time practicing using the Smith Machine because it will only leave your knees stressed out. Squatting using the machine, although good for your rear end, hardly amounts to anything since it does not activate your hamstrings.

3.    Doing the Behind-The-Neck Press

Weight lifting is useful but not when all the force is concentrated at the back of your neck. According to research, the behind-the-neck press exercise exerts a lot of pressure on your rotator cuffs.

You, therefore, run the risk of getting injured with severe cases leading to a broken neck.

4.    The Adductor/Abductor Machine

Many physical fitness enthusiasts think that exercising leg muscles below the fat will make it burn but that just but a big bag of crap.

The adductor machine, to say the least, wastes your time and only leaves you frustrated. Anyhow, you are encouraged to do lunges or step-ups for more tangible results.

5.    The Standing Chest Fly Technique

The standing chest fly technique is a real waste of time. As a matter of fact, many physical fitness connoisseurs have fallen victim to the same believing that the method will help strengthen their chest muscles.

Spoiler alert; the standing chest fly technique has only wounded many souls; souls that were more than ready to develop the perfect chest.

6.    Hyperextensions

Hyperextensions endanger your life and health. They over extend your lower back and compress your abdominal section leaving you scratched and bruised. It is in that light that you are discouraged from using this physical fitness technique.

7.    Using the Seated Tricep Dips Machine

Let us face it. The Seated Tricep Dips Machine is a device created with good intensions in mind. Regrettably, the machine has no effects on your triceps which is why it is such a waste of time.

To make matters worse, the gadget positions your body in an uncomfortable angle leaving your shoulders stressed out. However, you can perform dips on a bench, try out tricep extensions, and use the EZ-bar press to build stronger triceps.

It is now up to you to act on the information assuming you are done with wasting time.

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