Physical fitness is not all about cutting down the extra pounds. You can as well bulk up. Have you ever visualized the kind of physique you would want to build only to end up confused?

Fret not for you are never alone. To be honest, there are thousands of fitness enthusiasts from all across the globe that face the same predicament as you. 

The good news, however, is that a lifestyle change, proper nutrition, consistency, and hard work is all you need to reach your end goal.

But have you ever heard of bulking up and cutting? To be blunt; many people have but only a few understand the concept. You are, therefore, urged to read on for you to develop a deeper understanding of the same. 

Bulk and cut-what they really entail

Many fitness connoisseurs use bulk and cut wrongly. Anyhow, we cannot blame them given that there are no clearly defined facts of what is and what is not.

To put your mind in the right perspective, it is essential that you learn about all that entails to bulking up and cutting.

In layman terms, bulking up refers to the process of gaining muscle mass while cutting describes the process of shredding or losing body fat.  

For the record, bulking and cutting is no walk in the park. You are required to devote a lot of your attention to the same for you to be successful. Recall, you have to build mass while bulking up and at the same time keep fat gains at a minimum.

Cutting, on the other hand, calls for the reduction of fat in your body without losing muscle mass. It is, therefore, vital that you keep your calorie intake low at this stage for you to harness a calorie deficit.

Rules of the game

Success is only granted when you bulk up and cut correctly. Remember, taking the wrong approach might yield some rather unpleasant results altogether. Sticking to the set of rules outlined below, however, helps fulfill your mission.

1. Do not chew more than you can take

You need to eat the right amount of calories for this technique to work. Having too much on your plate might derail you.

2. Set a goal and monitor your progress

Goals bring you closer to reality. However, you need to monitor your progress to ensure that you are on the right track.

3. Cardio, cardio, and more cardio

Regular cardio is advised and I will tell you why. The technique not only boosts cardiovascular health but also makes metabolism easy. 

4. Increased water consumption during cutting

Take 6 to 8 glasses of water every day if you want to cut. Sufficient water not only re-hydrates your body but also helps prevent you from getting hungry fast.

5. Rest all you can

You need to rest. Resting not only makes recovery possible, but it also gives your body enough time to re-energize.

Closing statements

Many people cannot tell which of the two works best. Anyhow, you need to give bulking and cutting a shot because experimentation is the only way to eliminate fact from fiction. 

Sticking to bulking and cutting cycles will certainly get the job done.

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