Have you ever wondered why some bodybuilders look like a character out of a comical scene? It is because they concentrate too much on their upper body that they forget about their lower limbs.

Legs, to say the least, are just as important as all the other parts of your body. Therefore, they, too, require a lot of your undivided attention. So, why should you not skip leg day?

It is simple. Working your lower limbs helps yield a solid set of calves, hamstrings, and quads. Lower limb workouts also help in boosting testosterone production, a hormone responsible for muscle growth.

High levels of testosterone help take things to the next level. Woe unto you if your body cannot produce enough of the hormone. You find that a boost in testosterone levels leads to increased strength, enhanced muscle growth, and an improved sex drive.

So, how do you boost testosterone levels in your body?

Things you need to know about the hormone

Testosterone by way of definition is a hormone produced in sex organs and adrenal glands that helps in enhancing muscle growth, improving one’s sex drive, and increasing physical strength.

The compound being part of a group of androgens appears both in men and women. Anyhow, testosterone levels are more significant in males than in females. 

And how the male growth hormone work?

Research shows that testosterone is excellent in improving one’s sex drive, muscle growth, and bone density. In short, the higher the testosterone levels the better. 

Sadly, testosterone production decreases with age. This reduction, if left unwatched might lead to a decrease in muscle mass.

Therefore, you need to do something and fast.

The pros of exercising your legs

1. Yield a highly proportional physique

Have you ever heard about Popeye the Sailorman? This fictitious character is what you might end up looking like if you do not work out your set of wheels. 

For the record, a shredded body is never complete without a solid set of wheels.

2. Advanced physical performance

A grueling leg workout is all you need to keep going. Experts recommend that you perform such a routine 1 or 2 times every week.

Using protein and testosterone supplements is a sure way of gaining momentum and fast.

3. Experience a boost in testosterone production

Studies show that leg works stimulate the production of more testosterone in your body. Increased testosterone production, on the other hand, gives you all the energy you need to go through a grueling leg exercise.

Exercise combinations that max out testosterone production

1. Compound movements

Compound movements are very engaging as they involve the use of multiple muscle groups. Squats, for instance, help develop a strong core. Deadlifts, on the other hand, do a lot of good to your back and legs.

2. Machines vs. free weights

Free weights are very effective when it comes to spiking testosterone production. The free weights, unlike machines, help improve muscular imbalances. 

3. The leg workout

Below are leg workout combos that will help max out testosterone production in your body.

  • 3 sets of the Romanian deadlift technique: 5-8 reps,
  • 3 sets of the lying leg curl technique: 8-12 reps,
  • 4 sets of the standing calf raise approach: 5-8 reps,
  • 3 sets of the back squat technique: 5-8 reps,
  • 3 sets of the Bulgarian split squat approach: 8-12 reps, and
  • 3 sets of the leg extension technique: 8-12 reps.

Performing each rep with a full range of motion will get the job done. It is also advisable that you rest for not more than 3 minutes between each rep. Finally, using this workout routine 1 or 2 times a week helps yield you fast-paced results.

Must you lift heavy objects?

Act like the man you wish to become. Lifting heavy loads, for your information, is a prerequisite. Using the progressive overload technique helps accelerate the muscle building process. 

How fast can you build testosterone levels in your body?

We all are different. That settled, we all respond to training and nutrition differently. In short, there is no specific timeframe of you building your testosterone levels.

Natural methods that can help increase testosterone production in your body

Working out is always a good start. However, you can also turn to testosterone boosters.


Working out and in particular, your legs goes a long way in boosting testosterone production in your body. Testosterone boosters also play a significant role in doing the same.

Anyhow, this is no walk in the park. You must work hard and smart to reach your goals.

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