Lifestyle tips

Being a healthy, active person is a series of choices. The hobbies we pursue, the people we surround ourselves we, and the trends we follow define our lifestyle. What changes can you make to your routine to improve your lifestyle?

5 Reasons Your Weight On The Scale is Probably Inaccurate

There are so many times when people step on the scale and are horrified by its results. There are no actual reasons for weight growth, but this is what you see in from of your eye. So why is this happening?

The 12 Reasons Why You Should Take Cold Showers

Ever since forever cold water proved great benefits when bathing in them.

Did you know that Spartans actually had a morning ritual when they would wake up and had two hours of intense calisthenic workout followed by a dip in freezing cold water?

Is Weight Lifting Good for Kids?

Is weight lifting good for kids?

People who do strength training, usually start to practice this type of exercising since their teenage years.

Can You Build Muscles On a Vegetarian Diet?

Everybody knows that in order to build muscles proteins from food are required. But what happens when you are on a vegetarian diet?

This can be a surprise for some of you, but building muscle on a vegetarian diet isn’t that different from a normal meal plan.

9 Ways to Improve your Life Quality and Look Better Naked

Sprints are a great way to improve your health and performance. If more people would do sprints and use less the cardio machines, there would be more space at the gym for other activities such as Prowler tracks, racks, and weights.

7 Myths Every Woman Should Know About Strength Training

Almost all women’s fitness magazine presents a workout that guarantees to bring crazy results by exercising just a few minutes a day with light weights. Also, they advise regarding superfoods that will target the belly fat. But this is all a big pile of bullshit.

Here’s How to Get Your Butt & Legs Bigger

Here we’re going to show you how to get your butt & legs bigger with these steps below. Building size in your legs and butt is possible if you consistently participate in weight training workouts that are designed to increase muscle mass.

5 Key Tips To Keep You Motivated

One of the most common mistakes newer lifters make is not having a clearly defined goal or target. But not experienced lifters. They’ll always have a target, whether that’s a competition, an event, or just competing against their own previous PRs.ADVERTISING

Elevation Masks — Do They Work?

Elevation masks. Do they actually work? Let’s dive in to see if this popular fitness trend is backed by science and if it’s actually worth the investment.

You’ve seen them around the gym; the people walking around dressed as Bane from Batman.

Here’s Why Gut Health Is So Important

Everything we know about diet and weight loss is being challenged by bacteria. The little bugs that live within your body. Understanding how foods impact your gut could be the best weight loss trick you’ve ever tried.