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The Top 5 Primer Exercises

While a great warm-up represents a crucial roll in real preparation and damage prevention, it’s not the most powerful practice factor. What you do straight after the warm up and before you hit the high lifts is what values most. Possibilities are, you’re not making it!

Real Men Train Their Glutes

Speak to a potential or strength athlete and question him what fibers need to be really large and powerful in order to be great all over. The most obvious answer will be “back.” Can’t fight with that. The posterior is capable of holding a large squat and choosing up a huge barbell.

Unleash Your Rhomboids

It’s fine. You’re not alone. The large amount of regular urgent actions that most people do (think bench press), and the delay of regular rowing, has turned us into champions with arms curled ahead, necks always craned forward, and simple chests.

Here’s How to Break Your Weight Lifting Plateau

If you’ve been boosting for any period of time, you probably have reached this obstacle: going every day to the gym, all prepared, taking your pre-workout drink and attitude, all ready to push more weight than the last time.

Having a Shitty Workout

Let’s assume that you’re having a shitty workout. You don’t have any desire to be in the gym. Everything seems extremely difficult. You’re just going through the movements, calculating the sets left till you can go home.

Why You Should Train With a Safety Squat Bar

Most probably everybody is training with a standard barbell. However, when it comes to the squat, many people cope with safety due to reasons such as limited mobility or poor positioning.  This is where specialty bars can begin to be helpful.

Should You Do Rest-Pause Training?

It’s where you work on an exercise to technical failure. After your original set, you rest shortly. This should last for 15-30 seconds. After this period you’ll do another set till failure before having another short pause. You do this until you’ve finished a targeted amount of total reps.

Exercise Form — 6 Hard Truths

The hard truth is that a good method doesn’t exclude the chance of damaging yourself. Don’t think that a bad technique does, because of course, it doesn’t.

Here’s How to Build a Great Chest

I believe you may be a lifter. I also guess that deadlifts and bicep curls make
most of your days and not the half marathons. Who has time for cardio anyway? Don’t
you think it gonna chew your hard-earned muscle gain? Yes and no… it will only
depend on how you do it.

Are Toned Arms Genetic? Here’s Why Women Should Re-think How They Train Arms

When going to the gym, every woman sets their goals. Some of them dream about perfect abs and but, some desire toned arms and shoulders. While others just need to lose some weight and fit in their favorite dresses.